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Rice Flour Muruku Vadam(Janthikalu Vadam)

Hi friends today i coming with Rice Flour Muruku Vadiam.In India my mom used to make it every year and stock it and later fry them and give it to us.All of the stock over because i did not go to india in the last 2 years.So i have asked my mom the recipe and made it myself and it came very good. Here is the recipe.

Ingredients :-

Rice Flour-1 cup
Red Chillis Powder-1 1/2 bsp(acc to ur taste)
Asafotida/hing-2 pinch
Cumin Seeds-1/ tsp
Sesame Seeds-2 tbsp
Salt to taste
Water-4 cups

Muruku Press

Method :-

First put the rice flour in a big vessel and add red chilli powder,hing,cumin seeds,sesame seeds,salt and water mix well.

Now keep the  big vessel mixture on the stove.Cook on low flame stirring continously till it thickens.Add salt as per your taste and if you require more add it and mix it well.Remove and cool it.

Spread a clean plastic sheet in a place where you get sunlight(backyard).Using muruku press with small hole plate,put the rice flour muruku dough into the press and make small murukus.Finish all the dough.

Let it dry in the sun.Then next day you cloud see the vadiam coming out from the sheet automatically as it is dried.

When its fully dry.When it is dried well,store it in a container.

Whenever you want,deep fry it in hot oil.Goes well with any type of rice items like sambar,rasam.
Store it in a container.It will stay good for more than a year.

For frying-

Heat the oil in a frying pan on medium heat.When oil is hot slowly put the muruku vadam with in minutes it will puff up and turn other side.Take out the vadam  into tissu paper to observe the excess oil.

Serve with sambar or rasam.



Wow jantikalu baagunnayi.Nenu same chestaanu sometimes i used to add the green chilli ginger paste.It tastes good.Try this next time divya.


Thank u vineela,yes sur i will try next time.

Sushma Mallya

Looks so crispy,loved the step by step pic too..really worth ur efforts divya, u got a very nice blog..keep it going...


Thank u very much sushma mallya.

Divya Vikram

Nice step by step pics. Thanks for sharing the recipe!


Thank u for u nice words.


Mmm yum yum.. good clicks.. do collect ur award from my blog..


thank u very much sanghi.

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