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Chenna Poda ( Cheese cakeFrom Orissa)Happy Mother's Day

Hi Friends,
        Today,I've a sweet for my mom and for the wonderful moms in the world.The sweet
I've is "Chenna Poda",which is my mom's favourite.

             A popular and wonderfully tasty cheese sweet from Orissa,chenna poda literally means burnt cheese.
Oriya sweets.It's made by baking homemade paneer (ricotta) cheese till it browns.The end objective of this dish is to bake a chenna in a way in which it absorbs the sugar,cashew nuts,raisins,ghee and suji are add for extra flavour  and makes a soft cake like dish with a layer of caramelization all around.The caramelization is what imparts this dish its character and distinct flavour..This dish is sold in stalls and eateries all over the state,and has now made its way into restaurant menus in the cities too.

Its is so simple,easy and absolutely delicious.Here is the recipe.


Paneer/Chenna/Ricotta Cheese- 3 cups (i am using homemade paneer)
Sooji/Semolina-3 tbsp
Sugar-7 8tbsp (Sweeten per your liking)
Ghee-4 tsp
Milk-3 tbsp
Raisins-1 few (optional)
Cashew pieces-5 small pieces (optional)
Cardamom powder-1 tsp (optional)


In a big bowl,add mash little paneer thoroughly.Add sugar mix nicely.
Now add semolina,ghee,and milk it well using your hands.
Now fry the dry fruits in 1 tsp of ghee.Mix in the dry fruits if you want them at this point.Now add milk and cardamom powder mix well.

To get a caramelized effect on the top,apply a tablespoon of ghee or butter to the bottom of the baking dish,sprinkle with sugar and then hold it slightly above a gas stove for a few minutes to melt the sugar.Spread the melted sugar evenly.
Pour into a oven safe dish the paneer mixture over the sugar.Bake in a p  heated oven of 350 f for 45 to 50 minutes till the top turns to light brown.Insert a toothpick,it's done when the toothpick comes out clean.
Cool for 20 minutes,then turn it upside down.It should stay fresh for a week in the fridge.
Cut into pieces like cutting a cake.

 This sweet u can it hot or cool.




This cake looks delicious.Happy mothers day.


Happy Mother's Day Divya, Chenna poda looks super delicious, i have seen somewhere this cake..thanks for sharing..will try for the sure..

Pavithra Srihari

looks easy ...

Have never heard about this cake, will sure give a try

Happy Mother's day to u too

Rumana Rawat

Happy mother's day Divya.. i love it . this is so mouthwatering...


Hey this sounds interesting,baking cake with panner and semolina.


Wow a very delicious and cheesy cake indeed.Happy Mother's day to you too.



Chenna poda looks really yummy. This is new to me. I like. Happy mother's day.


Totally new and very unique indeed..and that is expected from u only....superb dish dear..and very healthy too...Happy mother's day...


Hy Divya,

Wonderful recipe and Hats off to your energy level dear...You are rocking with your exciting posts daily...:)

Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal

Happy Mother's Day to you. Wow, what a wonderful looking dish. Never saw or had it before, but sure looks delicious :)


It's new to me but looks great Divya. Happy Mother's Day to you and family...



Happy Mother's day!! Cake looks yummy..

Suman Singh

that looks delicious...nice recipe...Happy Mother's Day to you.


really delicious one ..the step by step explanation is really superb yarr..good work..
Nice treat for this mother's day special..good one

Hamaree Rasoi

Happy Mother's Day to you Divya. Very different ingredients you have used for this cake. New to me. Looks perfect.

Hamaree Rasoi

Soma Pradhan

Wish u the same..ithas co eout really welll


This is too much. I am drooling here. WOULD love to give it a try. Ur step by step procedures is quite appreciable.

Sushma Mallya

wow such a lovely sweet, yummmmm...and happy mothers day to you too divya


never knew we had cheese cakes in India.. good piece of info and nice step by step presentation... thanks for sharing the Indian version of cheese cake....


Happy Mother's day dear,,cake looks soo perfect half cooking process like our paal kova finishing touch like cake dear..dual recipe.

Aruna Manikandan

Happy Mother's Day...
Cake sounds interesting and new to me dear....
Looks delicious :-)

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover)

i'm sure your mom will love this..

Gita Jaishankar

Love your step by step pictures dear...cake looks superb...very inviting :)


Happy mother's day.
This sweet cake looks so yummy.


Thanks Dear Friends for your precious time n sweet comments...They really mean a lot to me..;)


Happy Mother's day Divya. This is something very new to me. Looks yummy and nice step by step photos.


Beautiful step by step Instructions. You have really good collection of recipes. Love the way you've explained the recipe. Bookmarked it.


thank u very much Padma and spicy tasty.


This looks very delicious. Looks simple and easy to make. Thanks very much for showing it step by step. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day. MaryMoh at http://www.keeplearningkeepsmiling.com

Sanoli Ghosh

simply loved your chenna poda. Yummilicous sweet. Please visit my space too.


Looks interesting will give it a try !! Thank you :) !!

Ish K.

Hi Divya,

I am going to try your recipe today! Then I will be making for a dinner for 50 people... I will keep you posted on how it turns out

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