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Karela and Potato Pakoda (Bitter Gourd and Potato Chips)

The bitter gourd pakora goes very well with rasam and any kind of rice.Bitter gourd is cosidered as a good medicine for  diabetic patients.this also helps to cure blood disorders and eye problems.this contains more beta-carotene than broccoli,more calcium then spinach and more potassium than banana.Normally children don't like to eat bitter gourd,but these pakoda will be liked by all as there is hardly any bitter taste after cooking.

This recipe u can do any vegetables.

Bitter gourd /Karela  -4 nos
Potato-1 nos
Rice flour-2 to 3 tbsp
Red chillis powder- 1 tsp
sesame seeds-hand ful
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying

Wash and cut bitter gourd into thin round pieces. Spread these on a paper and dry them either inside or outside for one full day. If you dry them it will fry very easily and absorbs less oil.

Mix the Bitter gourd, rice flour,red chilli powder,sesame seeds and salt and with sprinkle little water.

Heat the oil in frying pan on medium heat..When oil is hot put the karela pakodas in frying pan.Pakodas should sizzle.Fry the pakodas till they become gold in color all around,turn the pakodas a few times while
 frying.Fry few at a time till crispy.
Remove fries from oil and place on paper towel.

 For Potato :-
peel and cut potatoes into even strips.Mix rice flour,red chilli powder,salt and sesame seeds mix well with its own water.If u need means just sprinkle.
 Fry few at a time till crispy.

Serve hot with any sauce or sambar or rasam rice.

Serve hot and enjoy!



Both pakodas looks crispy and prefect, i love bitter gourd as any form, yumm!

Ammu Madhu

yummy..looks so crunchy.


Never tried karela pakoda..what a coincidence I too have a karela post today :-)

An Open Book

Hi Divya,
Thanks for stopping by my blog..u have a wonderful space here as well...i love ur step by step preparation...


Wow divya the pakoras look so tempting and grt....feeling like to finish all right at this moment...

Hamaree Rasoi

Love the Crispy and Tasty Bittergroud fries. Thanks for step by step visual explanation.

Hamaree Rasoi


Hi Divya, thanks for visiting me. You too have a nice space with lots of to do recipes. Am glad to follow u too.


I have never cooked bitter gourd in this way.It looks wonderful and crispy.

miri goes phishing!

hi divya...you have a very nice blog here too...n' you have given all the steps to be done so well....i'm following you...thank u for dropping by at my blog...:)


Love both chips, really crispy and yummy, thanks for sharing dear....


Sandhya Hariharan

Crunchy... and yummy...
New to me.. Pakoda with Pavakai...

Thanks for ur lovely comments and following me!


Nice crispy and crunchy pakodas.

Gita Jaishankar

Hi Divya, nice to know that you are close by :)...very crispy pakodas...looks delicious :)


Pavakai pakoda sounds super yumm and interesting

Swarnavalli Suresh

First time at your site. Karela and Potato Pakora looks yummy. Glad to follow you...


Divya ,love the crispiness of both the pakodas.Bittergourd pakoda sounds interesting.

I have some awards for you at my blog please accept them.


Sushma Mallya

Oh both of these fries looks yummy, crispy ...loved that you added sesame seeds to it...


Divya,,,i like both ur pakoras esp potato fries looks great dear with sesame seeds it came out very crunchy n crispy,,sure will try this potato fry dear..


Mmm...looks delicious. I would love to snack on them. It's a healthy snack :D Thanks for sharing. MaryMoh at http://www.keeplearningkeepsmiling.com

Aruna Manikandan

Pakoda's looks crispy....
Thx. for sharing :-)




Sounds tasty.Will definetly try it for my kids.

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover)

what a coincidence, i just made some bittergourd yesterday, but next time I must add some sesame seeds too.


Thank u Shahana and Sonia.

Soma Pradhan

Hey u made me nostalgic...In Orissa, karela is cooked this way..Lovely recipe

Gayathri Anand

Both Pakodas looks crispy and yummy ...


Hy Divya,

Happy to see you after my short and lovely vacation. I really missed your lovely posts.

crispy pakodas with hot chai, wow that tastes heavenly..thanks for sharing this wonderful recipes dear.

Siddhi S

wow divya very tempting and crispy pakodas...loved ur step by step explaintn wid pics...thy r very tempting

Lucky Sign

Looks yummy...& ...the pic is so colourful. looks yummy & great. thankyou for shearing. thankyou for shearing this information with us!chowringhee satyaniketan

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