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Sun Dried Tomato Pickle / Endu Tomato Pachadi

Tomatoes- 2 kg (wash,dry and cut into pieces)
Red chilli powder-2 tbsp
Mustard powder-2 tsp
Salt -2 tbsp

For Seasoning:-
Mustard seeds-2tsp
Hing-1 tsp
Curry leaves-4 strings
Sugar-4 tbsp
Red chilli powder-2 tsp (acc to ur taste)
Salt to taste
Oil-1 cup


Cut each tomatoes into small pieces.Put them into blender,the tomatoes are then blended up until they are liquid. and now blended liquid strain this in another big bowl for the tomato pulp.Through the sieve as possible,leaving the seeds behind and  squeeze the pulp out.Again blend the seeds strain this pulp.Repeat this process to remaining tomatoes.Rest of  the  seeds trash it.

Now add salt,chilli powder,mustard powder,mix all the pulp.Pour the liquid in a very wide pan or vessel allow to sun dry.This could take at least 6 to 9 days of good sunshine.The liquid will thicken.Every evening remove the tomato liquid and place indoors,place back again the next day morning to sun dry.
Once the tomatoes liquid are sun dried,it become very thick paste.

For seasoning-

Heat oil in a pan,when its hot add mustard seeds,hing,curry leaves,sugar,red chilli powder fry for 1 to 2 minutes in the oil.Be careful not to burn the seasoning.Now add the tomato paste  and salt mix it well.
Cook  for 10 minutes.mix well.

Cool and store in an airtight bottle.

It will stay more than one year.

Serve with rice ,dosa ,upma etc...



Wow!!! That's a detailed pickle recipe. Love to try it sometime. I am sure bookmarking it. I am already drooling here.


Very nice step by step presentation of the pickle Divya.We make it in a different method.This method is new to me.Sure to bookmark and try sometime.

Sanyukta Gour(Bayes)

what a bful color,yum and delcious dish...looks mouthwatering...love with rice/dal


Thanks for sharing this great way to prepare this pickle, looks perfect dear...


Cool Lassi(e)

You have my head spinning with such a detailed task. Maybe I will come for a visit to your place and steal that bottle of pickle. Pickle making is something i dare not attempt..


Hey wow really worth trying...those step by pics was awesome....really great work....my mouth is watering as soon aS i thnk of pickles. and ur pickle color is tempting dear...


Nice step by step presentation of sun dried tomato pickle recipe. Liked very much.


u really have the patience to do the step by step. a picture is worth a thousand words!!

Yummy Team

Beautiful and tasty pickle, Divya..Thanks for all those step step pictures.

Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal

Wow, that is a lot of work, and I am sure the end result is yummy !!!


Sounds very new to me,great effort put for stepwise pictures! Way to go!

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover)

at first, I thought this is chili paste, this is new to me, but i think it is delicious to eat with rice.


grt job divya..really good pickle the interesting part is the sundried one..even u added that also in the presentation.really wonderful job yarr


good job Divya loved your step by step process pics... awesome.. and beautiful sundried tomato pickle too

Hamaree Rasoi

Very helpful step by step presentation Divya. Mouthwatering and yummy pickle

Hamaree Rasoi

Sushma Mallya

Pickle looks so yum,would be perfect with rice...and lovely bangles too divya...


wow so interesting............main thing is it takes lots of days worku have donea grt work dear.......ur bangles are very nice...he he he he he he


Woww wat a work Divya, truly worth to try..thanks dear..


Well done Divya,,you hv done a great job soo many process but final is very good dear..

An Open Book

That looks like a time consuming task...wud have tasted delicious nevertheless..


This looks delicious :) Even ur chilly chicken was colorful, I loved your vegetable cravings :)

Rumana Rawat

looks perfect and yummy:)

Rachana Kothari

Beautiful step by step presentation of this mouthwatering pickle, Divya!


nice step by step pics of making pickle.Helpful for a novice cook like me.
Lovely space.

Malar Gandhi

Sounds interesting, looks like lot of work' ...but worth trying I guess, tomato pickle is all time fav'


My Dear Friends,
Thanx a lot for ur encouragement n lovely words..

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