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Kobbari Kova Boorelu (Coconut With Koya Balls)

Hi Friend's

Today i coming with very special sweet called "coconut with koya sweet ball" .This recipe from my mom and it is very tasty and yummy.



Grated Coconut-2 cups
Grated Koya /Mawo/Kova-2 cups (u can put more or less)
Sugar-1 cup (acc to ur taste)
Water-3 tbsp

Maida / All purpose flour-1 cup
Sugar-1 tbsp
Salt-1/2 tsp
Ghee-1 tbsp
Water-1/2 cup
Deep frying  for oil

Preparation for Stuffing :

Take a non-stick pan,add grated coconut,sugar and water,mix well.Now start heating over medium heat.
In about 10 -12 minutes,the mixture starts boiling and  coconut starts sticking and color is going to change.Add Koya when it is sticky and mix well.
Keep stirring so that coconut and koya won't be burnt.
Switch off the stove once the mixture is thickened.Set it aside to cool down.
You can make small balls once it is cooled down.

Preparation For Outside Cover:

Take a bowl add maida,sugar,salt,ghee and enough  water to make a batter.The batter sould have the consistency not thin or thick in medium so that it will leave a coating on the coconut kova balls.

Heat a thick bottom kadai for frying.
Once the oil is hot, turn to sim.Then dip each ball in the maida batter.
Then gently drop them into the hot oil.Turn and cook on all sides.Deep fry till they are golden brown.
Once couple of batches are done,.It hardly takes more than 2-3 minutes to get cooked.
When its golden brown drain them on  to a kitchen towel.

Left over Maida Batter Murukkus :

Left over the batter u can do small murukkus its very crispy and tasty just u have to do add sugar (acc to ur taste)mix well.Pick a hand full of batter in the hand and gently drop as small balls in the oil.Keep turning back and forth so it will not burn.

Once they all turn golden brown remove from the oil.Place them on paper towels so the excess oil is absorbed.

 Serve it hot or cold.Keep it a tight air container box and refrigerate it will stay 2 to 3 weeks.



This is new for me..looks so delicious...yum

Umm Mymoonah

Coconut with khoya lovely combination, yumm yumm

Sushma Mallya

Interesting sweet dish, Nice use of left over batter too divya,thanks for sharing..

Cooking Blog Indexer

This is a new recipe to me...coconut n sugar-sounds yummy to a mallu like me!!


love any sweet dishes like this...khoya and coconut is a new combo to me:)....love the step by step demo.


Looks great and it came about perfect...


Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal

Wow Divya, they look delicious. I have never had boorelu with khoya, will surely try it out next time. I am bookmarking it.

Rachana Kothari

Coconut with khoya is a delicious combination and I love your step by step pics :-)

Nithu Bala

Divya, this is so delicious..book marked..



Sukiyan with khova and coconut looks nice.


Thats totally new combination for me..Got 2 try out soon...

Yummy Team

Wonderful sweet, Divya..They look sooo very delicious! Thanks for sharing all those step by step pictures..


Looks so yuumy sweet dish..Read abt you more at nitu's blog. Nice curry you shared.

Soma Pradhan

The recipwe is new to me..lovly presentation

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover)

Thanks for sharing your mom's recipe, it look so delicious!

Malar Gandhi

Kowa coconut boorelu sounds totally new and terrific:)

Hamaree Rasoi

Lovely combination and the outcome is delicious. Will try soon

Hamaree Rasoi


wow delisious divya.thanks for sharing more about u in neethus blog...


a new recipe to me

Jaisy James

looks so nice dear


Badly need some boorelu Divya, makes me hungry..


They look cute and delicious...mmm. Thanks for sharing. MaryMoh at http://www.keeplearningkeepsmiling.com


Thank you all visiting my blog and giving your love and support for me constantly.


Divya both the recipes look very delicious.Kova boorelu are new to me.

My Little Space

I'm still trying imagine the unique flavour of these coconut balls. Must be so flavourful and tasty good! YUmmm..... Have a nice day!
Cheers, Kristy

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