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Rawa Pulihora

Hi bloggers today i am coming with my favourite recipe Rawa Pulihora.This recipe is again from my mom.


Rice Rawa-2 cups (rice cooker cup i am useing)
Water-3 cups
Tamarind-A big lime sized soaked in lukewarm water
Urad dal-1 1/2 tsp
Chana dal-1 tsp
Mustard Seeds-3/4tsp
Red Chilies-3(break red chilies)
Green Chilies-3 to 4(slit green chillies)
Curry Leaves-Few
Turmiric Powder-1/8tsp
Salt to Taste
Oil-5 to 6tsps

1.Take rice rawa in a bowl and wash it.Add water to the washed rice rawa ,turmiric,little oil and salt mix it pour in rice cooker and cook.

2.when rice rawa  done open the cooker spread the cooked rawa with hand and allow it to cool.

3.Now take the tamarind extract and poor it in the sauce pan (it must be little watery).Keep on low flame and let this cook till it become thick.It might take 10 to 15 mins.Now add the thick mixture to the rice rawa mix well .

4.Heat a pan and add oil to it.When oil is hot add the chana dal,urad dal,Mustard seeds, peanuts,red chillies,green chillies,hing and curry leaves .When they splutter (do not blacken them) add to the rice rawa mixture.

5.Transfer the Rawa Pulihora to a serving bowl.



Oh wow this is really innovative dish.. never tried this .. looks so good and nice variation for daily tiffins.. First time to ur blog just browsed thru all ur recipes.. Will be often here.. peep in mine when u find time..


Thank u very much.try this recipe its very good.


Hi divya, I liked the way you presented the dishes. Could you please post the step-by-step vegetable biryani like you did the rest of the recipes ?


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