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Boondi Laddu

Hi friends HAPPY DUSSEHRA( Vijaya Dashami). This is my 25th post and thought of trying some traditional sweet.Boondi Laddu is a sweet delicious recipe most commonly served during festival in Andhra Pradesh.

Here is the recipe:-

Besan Flour-1 cup
Water -as needed
Sugar-2 cups
Water-1 cupfor sugar syrup
Cardamom Powder-1 tsp (optional
Cashew-2 tsp (optional)(make it small pieces roasted in ghee)
Raisins-1 tsp(optional)(rodted in ghee)
Oil-for deep fryng

Special kitchen too neededto make boondis:-
 skimming ladle -1

method :-

First put he water and suger in a bowl and bring to a boil on medium-high  heat.When the syrup comes to a boil,turn the heat down to medium and stir to dissolve the sugar.Let it simmer until the syrup is about single  thread consistency

Mix the besan with water to make a smooth batter slightly thicker than dosa batter.

Heat  the oil fro deep-frying  pan in medium high heat.The oil should be hot enough.When you drop of batter in the oil it should immediatly bubble up.The oil temperature is the most important aspect to make perfect boondis.If the temperature of the oil reduces the boondis will stick together.

Hold the skimmer or colander over the heated oil.Pour a small amount of batter to it.Drops of batter fall into the oil and bubble up.Remove the boondis after 5 -10 seconds and place them on a papper towel.(don't make crispy  the boondis) it will not absorb the sugar syrup.

Repeat the process until you are out of all the mixed flour.

Now add boondis to the sugar syrup  and also add your optional nuts,rainsins and cardamom powder.Mix well  and cook for 5 minutes.Cover the mixture.let ot cool for few minutes.

When the mixture is still warm,or if u thicnk u can handle the heat make the laddus or form a shape of small balls.

Can be stored in airtight container  for up to 10 days and for one month in the rerigerator.

Now delicious laddu is ready!!!!!!!!!!!!


Swapna Sree



thank u


Looks yummy Divya... nice step by step pictures :)


Delicious laddoo, deepvali's spl..


Tahnk u padma.


Tahank u priya.


Yummy laddoos divya.Its very inviting.Can i have some dear:)


yes dear,thank u.


I am unable to get round shape.


hi i think u r paste is so thin. u make little thick then u will get round shape.
thank u

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