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Potlakaya Fry(Snake Gourd)

Ingredients :-

Snake Gourds-2 nos big(cut into slices)
Red Chillies-4 nos(break into two pieces)
Cunin Seeds-1tsp
Mustard Seeds-1 tsp
Urad Dal-1 1/2 tsp
Chana Dal-1 tsp
Curry Leaves-6 nos
Hing-2 pinch
Salt to taste
Oil-3 tsp

Preparations :-

Wash and peel/scrape the outer skin with a knife the snake gourds.Cut the snake gourds into thin slices.Take the snake gourd slices into a bowl and add little salt.Mix well with fingers.Cover the bowl and keep it aside for 5 minutes.The snake gourd pieces absorb salt to become soft.

After 5 minutes press and separate water from the snake gourd pieces and take them into a microwave safe bowl.Do not throw away the water.This is the vegetable stock of snake gourd which can be used in any gravy dishes.Store this stock in fridge.

Cook snake gourds in a microwave  10 minutes,covered.

Method :-

Heat a pan and add oil to it.When oil is hot add mustard seeds,cumin seeds,urad dal.chana dal and fry thill the seeds splutter.Now add red chillies,hing and curry leaves mix well.

Now add cooked snake gourd pieces and  salt to it mix well.

After 10 minutes fry for some time till dry.

Transfer the fry to a serving bowl and serve hot with rice.



I love this sort of simple stir fry, snake gourd curry looks great Divya..


Nice recipe divya.I never tried and eat snake gourd.Will try some time.


Thank u very much priya


Thank u vineela its good,try once..

Soma Pradhan

Nice explanation of the recipe with step by step pictures given...Loks green and fresh from the garden


thank u very much soma prashan.


Well written and explained. I am a he and cooks for my family after hours. Potlakaya Fry recipe looks very much home made traditional andhra dish.


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