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Mini Idli With Sambar

For this recipe i am using rice cooker cup for measuring cups.
Urad dal(mina pappu)-2 cups
Idly rava-4 cups
Salt as needed
Water to grind
mini idly plates or normal idly plates
Ghee-1/2 tsb
Sambar-1 bowl

Take urad dal and rawa  in a  separately bowl and wash it.Add water and soak it for at least 6 hours.

After 6 hours clean the urad dal and grind to a smooth paste by adding water in small quantities.u can grind the urad dal in a mixie or in a wet grinder too.if the batter is thin we cannot make idlys, so take care not to add too much water while grinding.After grinding take the batter into a bowl.

Now remove water from the rawa.Remove excess water from the rawa by pressing between your fists.Add this rawa to the ground batter,Also add salt.

Mix with fingers thoroughly.Keep this bowl aside for nearly 6 to 7 hours to ferment in a warm place.

After 7 hours when the batter is fermented,it is ready to be make idlis.

Take te mini idli stand and clean with water and apply little oil to it.

Now place the cooker and  cuo watr and mak it boil.

When the water is boilling now take the batter n spoon and pour in the idli stand.

Do to every plate and put together in the cooker and cook in steam foe 5 mins.

After 5 mins with the help of the spoon take the idlis and now take the sambar in a bowl  heat it,put  the mini idlis in sambar and pour 1/2tsp ghee on top and serve hot.

 Ready hot mini idli with sambar.



Wow nice tiffin in cold weather.Yummy


thank u very much.

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