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Instant Dosa


Rice fliur-1 cup ( rice cooker cup)
Wheat flour-1/3 cup
jeera-2 tsp
Chilli powder-1 1/2 tbsp(acc ur taste)
Onion-1/2 cup (chopped)
Salt to taste
Oil to spray
Water to mix the batter

First take one vessel and mix rice flours,wheat flours,salt,chilli powder and jeera.

Now add the water and mix it without any lumps.The consistency of batter must be like lite watery.

To prepare dosas, first put onions to the dosa tava .Heat over medium high.when tava is hot,pour a ladleful of batter onto the tava.Allow it spread on its own in a thin lace like layer.Spray the oil to dosa and on medium heat cook.

Within a minute or to,bubbles start to appear on the surace.Wait until the underside of dosa turns gloden and then gently remove.

Serve  hot with any chutney or pickle.



hi divya,
I tried this recipe today ....its awesome........
enti chala ekkuva recipes upload chesesav I think it takes time for em to try all those. but I will definetely do try all the recipes...........


Thank u very much palvi.try everyting u will like it.

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