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Peanut balls / Chikki / Verusenagapappu Vundalu


Peanuts / Groundnuts - 3 cups
Grated Jaggery-1 cups
Water-1 cup
Ghee-1 tsp
o test jaggery syrup readiness- Keep a small bowl with cold water ready by stove side.


Dry roast the peanuts  until brown color and allow it to cool.Remove the skin and keep it aside.

In a big,thick bottomed vessel,add water and jaggery.

 Cook on medium high heat. Start boiling when jaggery melts remove from heat and strain to remove if any dirt in the jaggery.
 And bring back to heat and boil in a low flame ill it becomes like thick syrup.

When it starts foaming like shown in the photo.
It reached the consistency we want for his recipe.To test,add few drops of jaggery syrup to the cold water.When pushed with fingers, it the syrup can be rolled to a round ball and keeps share without melting in spite of tilting the plate to different directions,it is done and the syrup is ready.This whole process take about 15 to 20 minutes.

Now add the roasted peanuts mix well.Turn of the heat.Remove the pot from the stove top to counter-top.

 Wait for about 5 minutes for peanuts-jaggery mixture to cool down and then start making laddus.
Dip your hand in  little ghee  rub nicely and take a spoonful of mixture into hands and press gently into round shapes.

or u can do

Take a ladle off the whole mixture into a greased pan.Press firmly and evenly.Cut into squares and let it cool.Break along the lines to separate the pieces.

Store in a air tight container.



Peanut laddo looks delicious. My childhood favorite. Now also i like them but unable to find them.


They look cute and tempting :)

US Masala


look yumm divya!! reminds me of the days we used to buy from the roadside vendors and enjoy it..

Dr.Sameena Prathap

Hey Div,

Chikki balls looks awesome dear...:)



Nisa Homey

Kadala mittai looks yummy dear.


hello Divya dear... how come I missed so many recipes of urs... Chikki looks so yummy..
I see that u have burnt ur right hand. U do lovely cooking.but do take care of ur self too dear..
Nice step by step pictures..That's ur specialty...


Peanut ladoo looks crunchy and yummy.

Ganga Sreekanth

healthy and delicious ......

Sanyukta Gour(Bayes)

yummy..my all time fav

Saraswathi Iyer

Laddo looks delicious. My fav.

Aruna Manikandan

nice illustrated clicks:)
looks healthy and delicious :)


Lovely!My lil one adores these chikki balls...


Crunchy and delicious chikki! I love your step by step pics :-)

Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal

whoa, simply mouth watering.


Feel like munching some..my fav peanuts chikki..


A very healthy snack


Incredible! Loved them ;)


Thank you dearies..:D

Jaisy James

chikki looks superbbb dear

Abdulgafoor Mahammad


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