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Paala Rotti / Milk Cake

Rice -1 cup
Sugar-1 cup
Milk- 6  cups
Ghee-1/3 cup
Coconut Pieces-1/2 cup
Salt -pinch
Wash and soak the rice in the water for 4 to 6 hours and drain it.

Add the rice and little milk to the mixie jar , grind it till it turns like a smooth paste.

Now add the paste , milk,sugar,ghee,salt and coconut pieces in a big bowl and mix well.

Now switch on the flame in low heat to make the paste.Mix continuously without stopping.(otherwise it sticks to the pan)

 It should turn into a thick paste.

You have to verify using this rule "With wet hand touch the paste , if it is not sticking then paste is ready". At this stage also mixed paste tastes really good. Try it out for yourself , yummy....
Now take the pan and pour the ghee at the bottom of it and spread all over the pan.On top put leaves or aluminum foil.

 Place on the stove in low heat close the lid. Now bake this on a charcoal grill , also put some burned charcoal also on the top of it so that both sides bake well for 20 to 30 minutes till on the top will light golden brown color will come.

 If you cannot get a charcoal grill you can do like  this

Bake it on a normal stove on a low heat. If you keep it for 30 mins then you will get a crispy layer at the bottom, you can flip it over and do the same for the other side.

 When its done keep it aside for it cool down.Then u cut into like pieces.



lovely steps


Wow! I've never had this sweet... the process looks very interesting. Thanks for the detailed photos.

Umm Mymoonah

Very delicious pudding.


woooow wonderful cake ...never knew we make cake like this ... brilliant...divya i am ur 150th proud follower



Healthy and delicious

Jaisy James

looks grt


Delicious..great step by step presentation.:)


Delicious rice cake Divya.

Priya Suresh

Woww thats a delicious cake, even its time consuming, its really worth to try..

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Delicious Milk Cake...


WOW!! Great looking milk cake!! Your step pics are really helpful..Thanks for sharing..

Rumana Rawat

It is really a wonderful cake.. worth to try it:)


Looks delicious,nice step by step presentation,thanks for sharing

Pushpa @ simplehomefood.com

Malar Gandhi

Oh boy, lot of hard work has gone into this...lovely creation.


intresting...like the photoes...


what an awesome cake recipe..sure would have tasted yummy..

Aaha Oho


v unique ....is it a traditional recipe?would love to learn more about it...and taste ittoo...


wow! that is a real traditional one... love the step by step pics!

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wow - yummy! Is it chena poda ?

Anu Nandu

That is new..never heard of it. Is it firm to eat? Thanks for the knowledge!

Love2cook Malaysia

OMG, I appreciate your work ya! What lovely bread pudding! Simply irresistible! :D


thank you for linking delicious

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