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Home Made Sprouts Recipe / How To Make Sprouts




Green Whole Moong Dal - 1 cup
You can use any type of bean for sprouting in the same method


Wash and soak the green whole moong dal in water for 10 hours or overnight.

moong dal spourts

Drain the water completely.


Spread this in a casserole (hot box / hot pack) and close it and keep it untouched for overnight.
You can also keep it in clean muslin cloth ,bring the corners of the muslin cloth to the center,tie a knot and keep aside undisturbed for at least  8 hrs or overnight.If you open you can see the sprouts coming.We usually like the medium sprout not too long ones.
moong dal spourts1

But if you want more lengthy sprouts,then keep aside for another 3-4 hrs extra.But just open and check then leave it undisturbed don't toss or turn over.


You can either make salad with fresh sprouts or make a stir fry with it.You can also use chaats like pani puri,dahi puri etc.

Notes :-

You can even make mixed sprouts but soaking and getting sprouts for each bean will surely differ so keep that in mind.

You can make sprouts with mochai,dried green,yellow peas,channa, etc..



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