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Stuffed Mirchi Bajji / Mirapakaya Bajji

Ingredients :-

Green Chillies:10nos
Besan Flour-2 cups
Rice Flour-1/2 cup
Baking Soda-1/4tsp
chilli Powder-1/4 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil-for deep frying

For Stuffing:

Roasted Peanuts-1/2 cup
Roasted Chana Dal-1/4 cup
Tamarind Pulp-1/4tsp
Green chillis-2 nos
Cumin Seeds-1/4 tsp
Coriander Seeds-1/4 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil-1 tsp

For Onion Stuffing :-
Onion-1 (cut into chopped)
Red chilli powder-2 pinch
Salt-1 pinch
Lemon Juice-2 tsp


First wash the green chillis and slit them length wise in middle remove the seeds.
Fry the stuffing ingredients in oil,Grind all the stuffing ingredients into thick paste..
Now fill the green chillis with the stuff paste.Keep it aside.
Now prepare thick batter with besan flour,rice flour,baking soda,chilli powder and salt mix with water.
Heat the oil in kadai.When oil is hot dip the stuffed chillis one by one in batter drop into oil.
 Deep fry until golden brown in color.Take out from the oil and drain well on absorbent paper towels.
Tasty and mouth watering mirchi bajji is ready.

For the Mirchi bajji we can stuff the onions to taste its awesome....For this we need:

For Onion Stuffing:
Chopped onion in to a bowl.Add rd chilli powder,salt and lemon jucie.mix them well.
Now make a slit   to th bajji and stuff this onion into the bajji..
Yummy mirchi bajji ready.....



Hot n Spicy Fritters! Looks So delicious!


Looks yummy! This is new for me, coz usually i do stuffing with paneer, aloo, etc.

Life is beautiful !!!

Looks very yummy Divya...I do not prefer stuffing but your pics forces me to try this. I will definitely try ur protocol when I have time.

Gayathri Anand

Yummy...Looks so delicious...


Wow, love the pics. Can you please make some for me too :)

I love stuffed mirchi bhajji like this :)

Priya Suresh

Hot bajji makes me drool, mouthwatering here.


HEY Wow that was really yummy...u r reminding me of the road side food when i used to eat in my home town.,..very tempting mirchi bajji,... please send me some dear...


wow....superb dish...looks tempting...very well explained...very nice pictures Divya


Ooooooh! Garam garam bhaji!


can u pass me some bajji divya :)these r so hot n tempting to look at i really can't control myself


good idea of onion stuffing...

Umm Mymoonah

Oooh! Spicy delicious bhaji dear, i love your stuffing with peanuts.


Mirchi bajji looks very crispy and delicious.Love the peanut and onion stuffing.

Sanyukta Gour(Bayes)

yummy n spicy fritters....great pics as always

Hamaree Rasoi

Hot and yummy bhajis...I love your stuffing yaar!! I wish I was there :-)

Hamaree Rasoi


thats a new idea dear..u r extra talented in cooking...

Indian Khana

WOW...Looks delicious...I have stuffed bajji too in my blog..this is diff version than mine..looks fab

Sarah Naveen

Spicy and yummy..loved it

Sushma Mallya

nice step to step pics they look so lovely:)..my love peanuts they must have added extra crunch to this..Yum!!


Spicy n yummy snack...looks gr8


AAAAhhhhh hot n spicy...:)


Thanx for your lovely feedback friends. Its truly inspiring...;)


hey divya awesome da..stuffed chilli looks so dleious have to grab the plateful of bajis..nicely explained..the last onion addition my favorite..super dear
nice profile picture.

Soma Pradhan

This is a nice way to prepare mirchibhajia..one of my fav


Very nice pix...Thanks for the recipe

Handmade Blossoms

thankx for sharing mouth watering ........... mirchi


wow very spicyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Lakshmi ...Rasoi ki Malkin..northern and southern spices

Hmm..mouth watering evening snack

Nilu A

Delicious and yummy.. Will definitely try this Divya :-)


wow... looks great :)

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