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Utanki ( Sweet crispy rice roll)

                      This is a very rare and special snack item from my place. I have not seen any where else this kind of recipe , hope everybody likes it. It takes very specialized skill and my mom mastered it.

Rice- 5 cups
Sugar-2 cup (acc to u r taste)
Milk-2 cups
Oil- for deep frying


Soak the rice overnight and drain the water.
 Grind the rice to make a fine powder .Sieve the powder to remove coarser grains.Grind the coarser grains and sieve again.The end powder should have pretty smooth texture.

 Now take a big bowl add  sugar , milk and rice flour mix well till sugar melts. Keep it aside for 3 to 4 hours.

Then take that mixed paste into grinder or mixture, grind it  for 20 to 25 minutes. Batter should be not too thin or thick , it has to  be medium. One way to check this is put your hand into the batter and take it out. Then batter should form like a string from each finger.Now transfer into a bowl.

Heat oil in a pan.When oil is hot.

Now dip the hand in to the batter , and move the hand in anti clock wise for 3 to 4 times. Take out your hand along with batter and make sure the strings formed out of your fingers are falling into oil while making the shape like a circle. Rotate the hand 3 to 4 times to form a thick layer of strings.

Let it fry for 2 minutes till the color changes to light brown.Turn into other side till color turns to light brown(Don't let it fry more time then it will become very dark)

Remove the rice crispy  roll from oil and place on paper to remove excess oil. Then immediately fold that roll with chapathi stick like below

This sweet very crispy and yummyyy....



Woww i never seen this sweet crispy rice roll, worth to try..thanks for sharing rare sweet like this Divya..


Never heard about these rolls..You did a great job..Yummy treat.

Aaha Oho


delicious and crispy

Cool Lassi(e)

Yeah, totally new to me too. I have never seen or heard about this. Looking good!


Sweet crispy rice roll looks delicious. I have seen something similar in Malaysian cuisine. I have to find out the name.


hi Divya.. first time to your space.. love your step-by-step pics.. Awesome recipes collection.. Never heard of this crispy rice roll... lovey it..


awesome work ...u did it so beautifully divya ...very new to me ...yummy
divya u can send these sweet rolls to Manjula's kitchen monthly Contest as it suits this months theme too ...its just a suggestion hope u don't mind ..



Rightly said,never seen this before,lovely illustrative clicks,looks delicious.

Dr.Sameena Prathap

Hi Divya,

The rolls are new to me but they sure look delish...How do you manage posting so many pics..great..have no patinece to post step by step!!:)




New to me...looks crispy and yummy!!Nice step by step pics..

Simply delicious

Beautiful golden rolls...very new 2 me...tnx 4 sharing Divya

Jaisy James

delicious n crispy. never seen this before

Umm Mymoonah

That's totally a different sweet, looks so crispy and yummy.


Wow so lovely n yummy....
very new to me... but love your step by step pictures...
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Have never heard of this recipe before. Your presentation is really nice.


Never heard about these rolls!Looks so crispy and yummy


absolutely new and lovely recipe, love it

Sarah Naveen

wow!!! this looks absolutely delicious..

Yummy Team

This snack is new to me too..Looks crispy n delicious..

vaishali sabnani

I am planning to make these rolls today..you think I can use rice flour instead of soaking the rice and then making a powder....how much rice flour is yielded by 5 cups soaked and drained rice.Would appreciate if you reply ASAP.thanks Divya!

Chef Mireille

wow...that's amazing


this sweet is totally new and unheard for me looks amazing and an interesting way of making it too....

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