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Benefits of Ash Gourd / Winter Melon /Boodida Gummadi Juice

  The Ash Gourd also called white gourd or winter melon is a native of South East Asia.An uncut ash gourd has a shelf life for as long as 1 year.In North India and Pakistan,the vegetable is used to prepare a sweet called Petha.In south India it is used to make curries and lentil,dosa,vadiyalu preparations.Its medicinal properties are eulogized in Ayurveda.Below are the few benefits of Ash Gourd:-

1.It is 96% water.
2.Excellent source of green nutrition.
3.Can easily be digested.
4.very light on stomach.
5.100 Gram of gourd contains only 12 calories.
6.Helps treating uniary problems
7.Helps to get rid of burning sensation in stomach.
8.Keeps you thin
9.Does not increase fat in your body.
10.very good for lever.
11.Good for diabetes,high blood pressure and for all diseases.

How to make Ash Gourd Juice:-

            The easiest way to make Ash Gourd juice. Take one Ash Gourd and remove the skin  and cut into cubes.To great with home grater.then put the grated gourd on tea strainer.Then squeeze it with clean hands.Collect the liquid in glass.

You can also add grounded black pepper or black salt to suit your taste.You can honey / lemon to improve its taste.Don't add sugar.

    Ash Gourd juice is best unknown medicine to the world.But now is getting more popular worldwide because of Swami Ramdev.According to Ayurveda it is very good for mankind and can reverse the effect of aging and disease it specially very good for liver.You can usually find Ash gourd in Indian / Asian grocery shops.


Silence Sings

very informative post....noting it down right now......

Silence Sings

very informative post...noting down it right now...


delicious healthy juice

Sushma Mallya

Nice post, have heard abt this dosa for the first time but sounds great,thanks for sharing it divya

Jaisy James

looks delicious

Nilu A

Healthy juice.. Very informative post Divya.. Thanks for sharing :-)

Saket Jain

Thanks a lot for d post..i hope it wl help me

Saket Jain

Thanks a lot!!!!i hope this wl help me

Deepa Manoharan

Pl include tamil names also. It would be easy for us if u had written this as poosani kaai juice....
(I think u r a tamilian-sorry if not)


Thank u for valuable information .... Gud job 👏👏👏👏👏👏

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