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Ribbon Murukku / Ribbon Pakoda (Ola / Oatu Pakoda)




Rice Flour-1 cup
Besan Flour -1/2 cup
Split Gram Dal / Roasted Channa Dal (Pottukadalai)-3 tbsp
Butter-1.5 tbsp
Chilli Powder-2 tsp
Garlic Paste-1 tsp (optional)
Sesame Seeds-3/4 tbsp
Salt to taste
Oil-For deep frying


Grind roasted channa dal in a fine powder,sieve it once.

In a mixing bowl,add rice flour,besan flour,roasted channa dal powder,sesame seeds,butter,red chilli powder, garlic paste (i didn't add if u want u can add now) and required salt.
Add water little by little to form a soft stiff dough.Grease the press with oil then fill it up with batter and keep it ready.

Meanwhile heat oil.

Press the dough starting from the edge to the center in a circular motion in the preheated.Do not add more layers to ensure even cooking.Turn over to other side when the bubbles ceases and cook again till bubbles ceases.Drain it tissue paper, cool down completely and then store  it in an airtight container.Repeat the same for the prepared remaining dough too.

You can keep this for a week and enjoy this as a tea time snack.



1.  If you like pepper you can add 1/4 tsp freshly ground but make sure its fine engouh to get through the press.

2. Also grind garlic to a very fine paste.You even grind red chllies with garlic and skip red chillies powder.


Vimitha Anand

Crunchy tea time snack dear

nandoos Kitchen

super pakoda

Priya Suresh

Crunchy munchy snacks, love to munch some rite now.

Savitha Ganesan

This is my fav snack among all.

Sony P

Crispy and yummy snack ...... !!!


These are one of my favs too!! Great explaination..
Thanks a ton for your support with comments to posts. Its hard for me to comment on all posts due to kids n busy schedule...
Once again thanks a lot

Sathya Priya

love the perfect snack ...yummy yummy


loved these crunchy ribbon pakodas..would love to munch some.

Anu Yalo


sangeetha pn

perfect evening snack

Vikis Kitchen

Ribbon murukku looks very crunchy and delicious. Love the way it didn't absorb oil. Very nice recipe dear.


It's my go to snack if I run out of time for preparing snacks for the festivities . Looks super crunchy.

Swathi Iyer

Delicious ribbon pakoda my favorite love it.

Saraswathi Tharagaram

Love this detailed post and I too use roasted dhal, it gives yummy taste and crispness to this pokada..

Hari Chandana P

perfectly made murukku.. looks great!!


Traditional healthy snack.

Shibi Thomas

Crunchy and perfect with tea!!


Love these .. can't stop munching.

Shweta Arora

Such a crispy delight...would love to have this with my tea.

chikkus Kitchen

Crispy and crunchy pakodas ...Very happy to follow you dear..Will be happy if u follow me back :)

Treat and Trick

Perfect and yummy!

Lena Rashmin Raj

you made me nostalgic.. amma makes this very well.. looks so crisp and tasty :)

Simi J

This reminded me of my childhood, looks great .

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Biny's Recipes

wow perfect texture...looks crispy and spicy


Perfect little snacks for afternoon tea!

Savitha Ganesan

Ribbon pakoda is my fav. My Grany used to prepare it for us.

Sandra Thomas

Thanks for this great yummy party to all. All seems to be yummy,tasty and healthy food guide.

sripriya vidhyashankar

Looks perfect & crispy.. my fav recipe..

anne cole

wow!! Crunchy snacks Nice Recipe I found more sanacks recipes at http://shopcookserve.com/home/recipe/home/category/Snacks/page/1#receipe-menus I hope you loving it

Herbs Spices and Tradition

Nice and crispy snack.

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