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Hi friend today i coming with very tasty sweet Ariselu.Ariselu needs extra care and caution while making sugar syrup and sugar measurement.Very oily so we have to drain carefully by pressing hardly.This is very auspicious and a must sweet for marriage in Andhra.This recipe from my mom.When my mom made this i took pictures.come to recipe..


Rice - 2 cups
Sugar-1 1/2 cups
Oil for deep frying
Water-1/2 cup


Soak the rice overnight and drain the water.

Grind the rice to make a fine powder and sieve.

Add 1/2 cup of water to sugar and make very thick syrup.For test( take a spoon of syrup and drip in water.Touch with your finger and make a ball, then it is very thick syrup,if you can't make ball,leave for another 2 minutes on stove.)

Now off the stove and add the rice flour little by little to the thick syrup and keep mixing so that no lumps are formed and remove from flame.Add flour till a soft dough is formed(it's ok if you have some extra flour)

Now add 1/4 cup of oil to the above sweet dough.mix well.

Heat oil in another pan.When oil is hot.

Now take plastic cover and grease it througly with oil.Keep the ball and flatten it to make round.Slowly drop into hot oil and lower the flame.

When it turns brown,flip to the other side and remove after both sides become brown..

Remove and squeeze it between 2flat ladles.Remove oil as much possible and place on papper towles to absorb the extrra oil.

Now Ariselu are ready to eat.Can be stored in a dry container for one month.



Wow, Yummy authentic Andhra sweet Divya!

Devi Meyyappan

Woow yummy sweet!.. we call this adhirasam:).. I've never tried it at home.. shud try some time.. looks delicious:)


Thank u very much raje and devi for nice words.
sure u try u will like it.


Hi Divya...first time to your blog...you have a nice blog with wonderful step by step pictures...loved reading all your posts :) Will keep in touch..btw I also currently in Virginia :)


Bumped upon your space today , loved going through your recipes.Following you.


New here.Nice step by step pics and ariselu look delicious! You have a lovely blog. Do drop by
http://padhuskitchen.blogspot.com/ when time permits


Hi dear...it great to see the step by step tutorial pf the recipe....and the good thing is that u do all from scratch....

Thanks for ur comments on my blog:)....will be back to check out for more.

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