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Homemade Ghee / Neyyi / How to make Indian Clarified Butter




Unsalted Butter- 2 lbs
Curd / Yogurt -2 tbsp ( adding curd give nice flavorful and will help stay so for a longer time)


Place the butter in a heavy-bottomed pan or kadai and melt on medium -low heat,keep stirringin between.The butter slowly melts down,keep stirring.
Once it has melted down completely,allow the butter to boil and it will form a thin foamy layer on top with the light yellow liquid on the bottom.

Now add  the 2 tbsp of thick curd do not mix and when u add the curd ,there will be lot of bubbling and gurgling.Don't panic.Reduce the flame to low, uncovered and undisturbed for 30 minutes until milk-solid on the bottom of the pan turn from white to beige-brown,and butter on the top becomes transparent like clear water.
This is the signal to turn of the heat.Please take caution not to burn the bottom part.

Remove the ghee from the heat and let it cool.

After its cool down,strain the ghee through stainer in a air tight container,keep that brown thing for later use.

Godavari or Netuppu :-

Actually that brown thing is called Godavari or Netuppu and this godavari u can it 3 ways.Godavari in our or our home town all will eat.For this me and sister and bother will fight for this.that much we love this.Kid will like this.

Heat the pan brown thing and 1 cup of milk mix well.
Now bring to boil,boil for 10 minutes.
Now add the 1 tbsp of curd and salt stirring well.Boil it and u can it became curdle and water.
Boil till the water is evaporates,it became semi dry.Switch off the flame.

Serve with  hot with plain rice and mix, eat it.

Or take godavari mix with sugar  and eat it with rasam rice or curd rice. - tastes really good.

Either u can eat with rice and godavari ,salt mix together  eat it.Give this for small kids they will like it.



Note:- Adding curd give nice flavorful and will help stay so for a longer time.


Sireesha Puppala

such a lovely post..i never tried using store bought butter.awesome clicks

Swathi Iyer

Why you are adding curd in butter while make ghee. Looks perfect.


Adding curd while making ghee is new to me! Godavari-- the story and the recipes are nice. :) I have heard that, rice flour and sugar can be added to the strained solid and can be eaten. Your recipes are quite new! :)


very interesting post, thanks for sharing this lovley info...beautiful presentaiton n pics!

Shailaja Reddy

Love homemade. Instead of curd, add betel leaf or pinch of salt.

Priya R

Looks so superb, very new recipe to add curd in ghee... lovely clicks dear

Rita Bose

I love anything which is made at home!! Homemade ghee is one of the recipes I was searching for! Thanx for sharing!:)


I too make ghee at home. Homemade is always the best.. :)

Reshmi Mahesh

Nice detailed post about ghee making..Why is curd added there? Loved the clicks..


wow... fabulous recipe... very useful...

Manjula Bharath

wow lovely post and very useful too dear :)


What's the use of adding curd??? nei looks great.. Need to try ur method with store bought butter...
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Vidya Chandrahas

Home made ghee is always best...I can feel the pure ghee flavor..very informative and useful post.


Very useful post. Home made ghee gives a nice aroma

Gayathri Ramanan

lovely post..nice explanation..

Rafeeda AR

lovely post, bookmarking this... :)

Prathima Rao

Very useful & detailed post...
Prathima Rao
Prats Corner

Uma Ramanujam

Adding curd is totally new. Godavari is also something new to me... Like the way you prepared.


Good post


Nicely presented.. Learned quite a lot of new things from this post.. Awesome clicks too..

Vimitha Anand

Its my long time wish to try this. will try soon. And thanks for all the info. never knew that u can eat the milk solids too
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interesting...useful info :)

Priya Suresh

We add wheat flour and sugar the leftover ghee solid and have as balls, godavari sounds very interesting..Beautiful post.

Sanoli Ghosh

looks super. Very useful post. Bookmarked!

today's post:


adding curd to ghee is a new info,will try next time:)Inviting pics too,Divya..I too love the last milk solids when mixed with rice and salt,heavenly combo!!
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What a lovely and informational post...Loved all the info given and also the pics are really good. Should try this soon.


home made, always more flavorful, and the godavari mix is new and very interesting..

Treatntrick Treat and Trick

Easy to follow and looks perfect!


liked all ur clicks divya..

Sri Love

Homemade is always the best ya...your ghee looks so perfect! :)

Sona S

nice useful post and lovely pics.


Nice post for beginners..Love your pictorials..

Kaveri Venkatesh

Lovely clicks especially the first one...Nice post...a good way of using the remains after making ghee

Rani Acharyulu

Beautiful and detailed clicks Divya,Godavari name is very interesting.


Thanks for sharing how to make ghee with us! Homemade is much better than store bought!

Gajus kitchen

Lovely post and adding curd is interesting.

Vanamala Hebbar

Very nice .... i too love neyyi sadam

Swasthi Blank

Divya, never knew that adding curd keeps the ghee fresher for long. will surely try this. thanks for sharing this

Helen Prabha

Wow.....wonderful pics.....very nice presentation.....

Homemade ghee absolutely perfect....hats off dear......:-)


Very nice presentation..


Nice post...Thanks for sharing..

Vidya Chandrahas

Divya, I do fast on every thursday and friday...On these two days I don't read, post or comment on non-veg dish...I'll come on saturday to read your today's post.


Adding curd is new to me, Divya I am not sure , but nowadays they tell we should not eat the godawari(what u called), first we also do, now I dispose it.

Nilu A

Wonderful post Divya... really great :-)

Love to Experiment

Such a beautiful post. I liked the use of godavari. Your balls of rice make my mouth water

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